Pitch to IYC

We welcome proposals for blog posts to be published on IYC.

Perhaps you have recently published an exciting new research article related to some aspects of judgment and decision making and would like to disseminate it to a wider audience? Or you have read an article which you think should be featured on IYC? Tell us! We are also open to other types of posts which would contribute to our main dissemination and impact goals.

We will consider proposals for any of the following types of posts:

  • research posts summarising hot of the press research findings on JDM topics in an accessible manner.
  • methodology posts discussing important issues relevant to the conduct of JDM research or introducing new methodological procedures for studying JDM.
  • explainers which aim to provide the background knowledge necessary to understand current topical JDM research
  • opinion columns where authors are free to express their views on hot topics relevant to JDM
  • reflective commentaries describing a practical “real-world” JDM issues

Writing for IYC will give you an opportunity to share your findings and/or issues to a wider audience, including other JDM researchers but also policy-makers, educators, and interested members of the lay public.


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